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MitterNacht Prologue

  • Jul. 19th, 2007 at 12:22 AM

Tittle: Mitternacht (German for Midnight)
Genre- Romance/horror/supernatural/fantasy/action
Rating- pg-13 to be on the safe side
Characters- Dream Trilogy, including characters from Atlantean Dreams and Zypt Dreams
Main pairing - AtemxSerenity
Era- Think Victorian clothing, Gothic accents
I would like real critic, what you liked, didn't like, possible mistakes. Etc. FeedBack apperciated other than, "Great" or "Awesome".Rough Draft, probably will be revised.  Abit of Fall in the Summer, Since Fall is my favorite season and I hate Summer.Lot's of little things will be stolen from My Chemical Romance's "Vampires Will Never Hurt you" I suggest you look up the lyrics and keep them in mind when reading this.

“Did you hear about the farmer girl?”

“No what happened?”

“I guess she was attacked by vampires.”


“Yes, not a single drop of blood was left, and she was practically torn apart.”

“That’s awful.”

           The fiery leaves crunched beneath her feet as she walked through the orchid humming softly. The air was cool and crisp and you could smell all the fresh aroma’s of autumn. The whole town was getting ready for the fall harvest and Halloween, but that was still a while away. Now all the children in the village were off to school and the servant hands hard at work.

“Good morning Lady Serenity.” A man with turquoise hair and armor said to the girl.

“Oh, good morning Thirious.” The girl smiled fondly the wind whipping her silver hair and her amethyst eyes sparkling.

“Out for a morning stroll?” Thirious inquired as Serenity laughed merrily.

“Of course, you know fall is my favorite season of them all.” Thirious nodded for it wasn’t uncommon for the Lady of the Estate to be seen wandering outside when fall began. She always loved the season as a little girl, running through the leaves, playing on the pumpkins and sipping Cider. Although there might soon be an end to it as she was to be married to Lord Blake to unite the two wealthy houses.

“Have fun my Lady, and be careful. If you’ll excuse me I’ve got some Pages to train.”

“What should I be careful of, and Thi, there’s no need to be so formal, we are friends.” Serenity said tipping her head slightly. Thirious hesitated not wanting to tell and worry her about the recent vampire attacks.

“Just be careful not to hurt yourself.” He said walking away. Serenity watched him walked away and furrowed her eyebrows in suspicion. She pursued her lips and thought, ‘He’s hiding something, I just know it.’  But continued on her way to the pumpkins. She paused and grabbed a ripe red apple from the tree beside her and sat on a stump facing the pumpkin patch. She bit into it and watched the gardener’s water them. She stopped eating the apple as she heard servant voice’s behind her.

“Did you hear about the farmer girl?”

“No what happened?”

“I guess she was attacked by vampires.”


“Yes, not a single drop of blood was left, and she was practically torn apart.”

“That’s awful.”

“Yes- Good Morning Lady Serenity.”

“Oh, good morning.” Serenity said losing her appetite as the maids walked by in heated discussion. She knew this town had vampires of course but they haven’t attacked a villager in over a hundred years. In fact one of the reasons that her betrothed, Blake’s family was so wealthy and powerful was that their ancestor’s were vampire hunters. She was lost deep in thought when a voice shrieked,

“Serenity Jade Griffith! You are too old to be out her without an escort. Now come, it’s time for your lessons.” Serenity sighed and slid off the stump and walked towards the owner of the voice.

“Coming Auntie.” She grumbled.

“Straighten your back, no slouching.” Esmeralda said hitting Serenity’s back with her fan. Secretly Serenity hated Esmeralda but she was the only family Serenity had besides her little sister, who was away at boarding school, and her older sister who was happily married. She let out a small sigh and silently wished for a change….


            A lone figure stood on the highest branch of the tallest tree bordering the Griffith Estate watched the scene with cool blood stained amethyst eyes. He had jet black hair past his neck, silver bangs, with a small silver streak parting his hair slightly.

“Ah my lord, there’s been an attack.” Two identical men said with ruby red hair and grey eyes.

“The 7 black stars?” the man said without looking away from the estate.

“Yes. How is the lady doing this morning? Really our lord, you should just talk to hear.” The figure shook his head,

“No, not today, she just found out that vampires are still around. Besides I doubt she remember me. I wish you would just call me ‘Atem’ instead of ‘our lord’” Atem said pulling the purple hood up.

“Oh, that’s just our nickname for you.” The twins said shrugging.

“We should be going now before we are seen, oh and just incase you two are getting any ideas, do not contact Serenity. Is that clear, Alric, Alec?” Atem said turning to face the twins.

“You ruin our fun.” They said transparent wings emerging from their backs. Atem stole one last look at Serenity entering the main house before taking off on gold wings.


            “So you will crash the dinner right after we are officially betrothed so that I can lure her away and steal her powers?” A silver haired man said sipping a glass of red wine and staring at the 7 figures with cold red eyes.

“Yes Lord Blake, and in return you will grant us the girl so that we may use her to summon our queen, the dark goddess Aeris?” One of the cloaked figures asked.

“Indeed, in fact might I have the honor of killing her first?”

“Yes, ofcourse, after all you did find the perfect vessel.” Blake grinned sinisterly,

“Excellent, the plans to rule the land of Magix is finally in motion. May the Darke side crush the Lighte side and Chaos rule the land……”


taytaygirl13 wrote:
Jul. 30th, 2007 06:23 pm (UTC)
I can't wait to read the rest of it!